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2015 has been a very good year for us, bringing many challenging and satisfying projects. For a Go Daddy commercial, our miniature Great White Shark jumps out of the ocean to land on top of a bragging Jon Lovitz, and we also created a full size shark fin to slap some sense into his character. We are proud to be a part of a big new Heinz campaign, we created the Heinz Ketchup and Mustard costumes as well as a Generic Mustard & Hot Dog costumes. The funny new campaign reveals how Heinz Ketchup has broken up with his generic Mustard girlfriend, and chosen the much more tasteful Heinz Mustard as his new girlfriend. The ex girlfriend does not take it very well at all- these spots are very well written and very funny. 

We have been using 3D programs like and Maya to design and pre-visualize a lot of our characters lately. For Firestone Tires we not only designed a Viking figurine, but we also printed the final model out in hi-res. For an interactive McDonald's internet campaign, we created a very funny Humanoid Robot taste tester. Unfortunately it is not online yet, and even though it looked great on set, we are not sure if it will be used.

We worked with YELP! on their big new commercial campaign. We provided our Deer puppets, for a spot where a woman literally runs into our Deer, who also happens to be driving his own car. We also created a slithery Octopus puppet for another of these YELP! spots, a couple in a Japanese restaurant are served a fancy seafood salad that is so fresh that our Octopus in it is still moving. We assisted with a Butterfinger campaign, creating a very fancy Championship Boxing Awards Gold Belt, as well as oversized boxing gloves, shoes, and altering a big candy costume.

For a big new Capitol One commercial, we created a full size, fire breathing Dragon in record time. We have always wanted to create a Dragon, and as if that wasn’t enough wish fulfillment, we also got to create a real fun, wild Chupacabras puppet for a great spanish market Toyota commercial.

This year we created more Electronic Cat Glasses for Morris the cat in the continuing Purina Nine Lives campaign. We created some cute Pig Utensil Holders for Dawn, and for the Illinois Lottery, we provided our Raccoon Puppet.


GoGurt brought us to Mexico City with our new Teddy Bear Costume, where our Teddy Bear proved to be muy macho and got to throw a Luchadore through a plaster breakaway wall.


We created a highly realistic Earl E Bird Blue Macaw character for the River Spirit Casinos, and we enjoyed traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma to puppeteer our Blue Macaw puppet.

For a new Chevy commercial, we created four new Mascot Heads of big ESPN sports commentators Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, David Pollack, and Sam Ponder. For Farmer's Insurance, we provided our animatronic Turkey puppet, and for Sesame Street, we created a furry and feathered “HBO” logo. Wrapping up the year, we worked on an ambitious new Geico campaign, creating and performing with giant Eagle Talons and a Baby Eaglet in Shell.

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