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2019  Just like the miracle we pulled off for the CHANCE THE RAPPER tour puppets, we pulled off yet another miracle for another gigantic project. This time around it was for the new GOOGLE Exhibit, "THE RIDE"- an ‘It’s A Small World’ style ride with modern cartoon style family figures, that showed for four days at the 2019 CES SHOW in Las Vegas. We partnered with VISION SCENERY to create thirty mostly over life size Google Character Figures in just thirty days, and as if that wasn't enough of a challenge, two thirds of them were created as mechanical, moving figures. It was a tough deadline, but we hit another home run. We don't let people down. Our GOOGLE show ride was described by one CNBC critic as “the most impressive booth experience I've ever seen at any trade show.."

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 9.22.11 AM.png

We puppeteered our Alligator puppet on a Golf Course with Ricky Fowler for a new STATE FARM INSURANCE commercial. JANE THE VIRGIN included a few of our popular creatures in their shows this season- our animatronic alien, Zsa Zsa, and our Demon. And we rented our Big Cat costume to DISNEY's JUST ROLL WITH IT. Our rentals are still very busy this year, including our Dolphins, Shark Fins, Roswell Alien, Rats, and Goldfish.

We created some eight foot long Roots and Branches for a JUMEX FRESH commercial, and we were delighted to also be able to travel to Mexico City with them. Work seems to often come in twos, and similar to the JUMEX Roots and Branches, right afterwards, we also created some Giant Alien Pods and sixteen twenty foot long Alien Tentacles for the MICROSOFT XBOX HIVEPIT installation at the 2019 E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

For LIBERTY INSURANCE, we created a few giant Egg Cartons, big enough to hold a dozen 'LiMu Emu' eggs.


We got to work with Chance the Rapper again, this time with our animatronic Gorilla costume for the new version of PUNK'D, that he is hosting for QUIBI. You can see Chance is really enjoying himself in the video as he plays a big prank on Megan Thee Stallion with our Gorilla who breaks out of a cage and scares everyone.

For DREAMWORKS' new animated tv show, KIPO, we created walk around costumes of their Frog character and a giant Bird that we rigged to crash through a wall.

We finally got to finish our animatronic Baby Grizzly bear costume for a THRIFTY CAR RENTAL commercial with Kenan Thompson.


We created a brand new animatronic Weezer Alien, for Weezer's new 'The End of the Game' music video.

We created a new celebrity athlete mascot head for ESPN this year- Dwayne Haskins.

For a FOOT LOCKER commercial, we created a giant Scoreboard Headdress that only weighed eight pounds.

And our Roswell Alien puppet was dressed up in a Chef costume for a CONOCO commercial.

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