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Over the span of more than forty years, we've created special effects for countless movies: Tropic Thunder, Terminator 3, Titanic, Artificial Intelligence, Godzilla, Mars Attacks, Meet Joe Black, Nicholas Roeg's Heart of Darkness, Bladerunner, and many more.




'Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day' (Miguel Arteta, director)
Alligator puppet.


'FRED' (Clay Weiner, director)
Animatronic Deer Puppet.


Animatronic Gorilla suit, animatronic Polar Bear suit and alligator puppet.

'ANDREW ANDREWS' (Will Klipstine, director)
V-man character doll.



'BEDTIME STORIES' (Adam Shankman, director)
Guinea Pig fat suit, dreadlocks appliance, fish.

'CIRQUE DU FREAK' (Paul Weitz, director)

Dead Rats.


'TROPIC THUNDER' (Ben Stiller, director)
Panda Bear and Creature suits, Baby, Mosquitos, Leeches.

'YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN' (Dennis Dugan, director)
Piranha puppet, White Perch and Red Snappers.

'INTO THE WILD' (Sean Penn, director)
Squirrel puppet and Monster mask.


'THE GOOD SHEPHERD' (Universal Pictures. Robert DeNiro, director)
Heavy duty Stunt Dummy.

'A.I. ATTACK' (Jim Wynorski, director)
Robot Brain Implant makeup, Claw arm and Exploding Head effect.

'AT THE CUSP OF THE SEA' (Manash Das, director)
Sea Hag makeup.

'OUTLANDER' (Howard McCain, director)
Animatronic Grizzly Bear Cotume.


'CYXORK 7' (John Huff, director)
Melting Man Mask & Gloves.

'CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN' (Shawn Levy, director)
Stunt Frog.


'TERMINATOR 3' (Warner Bros. Jonathan Mostow, director)
Life-like posable stunt deer & Robots.


'SWORDFISH' (Warner Bros.)
Stunt Bodies.

'CORKY ROMANO' (Touchstone)
Animatronic birds. Cat fat suit.


'A.I.' (Warner Bros.)
Three full size, stripped-down Android / Robots.

'MANIAC McGEE' (Nickelodeon)
Full size, animatronic Rhinocerous walk-around suit. Stunt Bodies.

'FREDDY GOT FINGERED' (20th Century Fox)
Bust of Sigmund Freud and Stunt hero prop Statue.


'WILD WILD WEST' (Warner Bros.)
Rubber Hangman Ropes, Latex Falsies & Stunt Glass.

'THE PATRIOT' (Columbia)
American Revolutionary War Stunt Dummies.

'DUDLEY DO-RIGHT' (Universal)
Two Moose Head Puppets.


'MEET JOE BLACK' (Universal)
Three Brad Pitt Closeup Stunt Dummies for Auto Accident Effect.

Over 600 Animatronic & Stunt Fish-Trout, Salmon, Snapper, Perch, etc.

'ARMAGEDDON' (Touchstone)
Ben Affleck Body Cast Stunt Rig and Stunt Dummy Bodies.

'WATERBOY' (Touchstone)
Edible Alligators.

'13th WARRIOR' (Touchstone)
Battle Shield for poster.

'TITANIC' (Paramount)
Fifteen and a half foot long Scale Model of the sunken fore-section hull of the Titanic.

'SCREAM 2' (Dimension)
Giant Mechanical Arm with Giant Knife.

'FACE OFF' (Paramount)
Closeup Stunt Dummies. Stunt Weapons & Props.

'MAFIA!' (20th Century)
Animatronic 'E.T.'Puppet, Makeup Effects & Stunt Dummies.

'ALMOST HEROS' (Warner Bros.)
Stunt dummies and stuffed animals fitted with human teeth.


Martian Hand/Scorpion & Jack Nicholson Chest Burst & Flag Effect.

'VOLCANO' (20th Century Fox)
Melting Store Mannequin Effects.

'ONE FINE DAY' (20th Century Fox)
Makeup Appliances. Stunt Kitten Puppets. Stunt Fishbowls.


John Travolta Closeup Stunt Dummies. Burn Dummy. StuntProps.

Danny Devito Portraits -Painting and Bust.

'TALL TALE' (Buena Vista) Twelve foot long Rattlesnake Puppet. Stunt Weapons and Effects.


'STAR TREK VII' (Paramount)
Captain Kirk, Picard and McDowell Stunt Dummies. Stunt Props.

'STARGATE' (Paramount)
Title Models. Animatronic Alien Puppet Detailing. Action Props.


Elephant Corpse. Tusks. Skulls. Stunt Weapons.

'HOT SHOTS II' (20th Century Fox)
Mechanical Effects. Stunt Dummies. Action Props.

'CONEHEADS' (Paramount)
Conehead Fest Arena.- giant Head and Hands.

'IN THE LINE OF FIRE' (Columbia / Tri Star)
Stunt Glass in elevator fight scene.


Makeup Effects Molds. Key Prop -Makeup Table.

'DEAD AGAIN' (Paramount)
Demonic Madonna Effect Sculptures.

Four oversize Strawberry hero props.


'SOAPDISH' (Paramount)
Giant Awards Statues.


'GHOST' (Paramount)
Four copies of an Antique Angel Sculpture.


'THE BLOB' (Tri Star)
Two large Blobs in translucent resin and soft foam.


'BLADERUNNER' (Warner Brothers)
Architectural Retrofitting Elements.

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Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

Anatomorphex Celebrating over 40 years
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