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ANGLER FISH - Mechanical Puppet.


One- 17 inch long mechanical puppet.



Silicone rubber, fibreglass and mechanisms.



Body, mouth, eyes, lids and fins.





HIMIJI CENTRAL PARK commercial. Takashi Shimoji, director.

A deep sea Angler Fish is featured in this spot, bemoaning how boring it is at the bottom of the sea and wishing it was at Himiji Central Park Amusement Park with all its attractions. We went down to the Museum of Natural History to research this- it's not like we've seen angler fish in person. The museum is an amazing place to research hard to find lifeforms, they've actually got preserved samples of just about every animal, fish, bird and bug you can imagine.


Angler fish are these very rare, amazingly different fish. They live under tremendous water pressure in the very deep sea and they have bioluminescent lures that hang in front of them, a fish comes along thinking it's dinnertime and while they're technically right, the lure's not on the menu, they are. We provided this angler fish with pulsating illuminated antennae, body pivot, eyes side to side, mouth open/close and bubbles, fin and tail kick, puppeteered inside a large

water tank.

DEVIL FISH - Mechanical Prop.


One- 17 inch long prop.



Fiberglass, plastics,

and glass eyes.



DEVIL FISH - Credits

CAPITAL ONE commercial.

Devil Fish

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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