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EXPLODING CAKE - Description.


One- 6" tall x 24" x 18" real cake, mounted over a self contained air cannon built into a table.​


Devil's food cake with white frosting, airbrushed with food grade dyes, pudding and air cannon.



Available with Advance Notice.

Among a career of wild jobs, this was certainly outstanding. The guys of Buzzkill have made their career out of sabotaging other MTV shows with their anarchistic/slapstick antics, the disastrous collision results televised on both shows. We were contacted with the request that we assist Buzzkill in blowing a cake up all over the hosts of 'Beachhouse'at the climax of their to the minute 5 year anniversary countdown. Our trained chef shop technician whipped up a huge, tasty devil's food cake with white icing and the Beachhouse logo way airbrushed onto it with edible, food-grade dyes.


We loaded a small air cannon under a big, custom built table leaving a huge hole in the center. A thick, bright tablecloth with a long skirt was permanently fixed to the table to hide the air cannon. Their identities disguised with fake beards, Buzzkill delivered the cake, loaded aboard the table. To maximize the mess made, we also filled the aircannon's bell with more cake and lots of pudding. The Buzzkill 'chef'stood by, finger on the concealed safety button, as Beachhouse's to-the-minute 5th Anniversary countdown came to an end and what a glorious end it was. Cake and pudding were everywhere. 


Not content to leave it at that, Buzzkill quickly pulled on their trademark Buzzkill ski masks and hijacked the anniversary celebration, turning it into a huge food fight. What a collision- beach party bingo/cooking show/disaster film with mexican wrestlers thrown in for fun. We managed to escape, fairly intact.


MTV 'Buzzkill' television series' ambush of 'Beachhouse'series Anniversary party. 


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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