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EXPLODING TIRE - Shattering Effect.


Three- life-size tires shattered with sledgehammer blows.


Plaster and joint compund mixture with dry ice for 'chill' effect.


Available with Advance Notice.

This job called for a tire to be shattered by a sledge hammer, as it would if it were frozen with liquid nitrogen. We molded a tire and made castings in plaster weakened by a generous addition of joint compound, then oven dried and painted. A real sledge hammer provided plenty of adequate force for the on set shatter. The effect was shot at high speed to capture all of these split-second performances in their entiety. We made four shattering tire castings, of which the last two takes were deemed as best.


REEBOK 'Defy' commercial. Brian Beletic, director.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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