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FROZEN WOMAN - Effects Props.


Plastic shells.


Materials: Vacuum formed plastic over life cast body forms.



Available with Advance Notice.

To create this frozen effect we lifecast Alicia Silverstone in the final pose she would take in the video. We then sculpted the frozen texture over the lifecast and pulled a number sheets of clear vacuum formed plastic over her life cast. The hair element was assembled using heat formed icicles and joined to the head. We made three different frozen body forms for each of the three camera angles that were shot. The body forms were filmed with Alicia Sliverstone behind them to give the effect that she was frozen inside. Each of the frozen body forms were open on the off camera side, so Alicia could breathe easier and get in and out of the forms. To give the clear plastic forms an icy appearance, we dressed them lightly with silicone caulk, styrosnow, and spray flocking.


To create artistic reflections in the ice, footage of Rob Thomas singing was filmed separately, then distorted and composted onto close-up footage of the frozen body forms. To show that the ice began to melt, water was sprayed onto the body forms, so the camera could follow the drips as they rolled down. By experimenting with freezing clear hair gel, we were also able to create a closeup effect of an ice shell cracking apart and sloughing off as Alicia opened up her hand.


ROB THOMAS 'Her Diamonds' music video. 2009.  Dave Meyers, director.


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