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KANGAROO - Animatronic Costume.

5'10" animatronic walkaround suit.

Foam latex, four way stretch fur, electrostatic flocking, soft foam, fabric. plastic, plastic eyes and mechanisms.

General body and hands, three axis head, eyes, eyelids, brows, nose, lips, mouth, smile, and ear movement.


Our animatronic kangaroo costume is very realistic and capable of lots of movement- running, jumping, holding things, and full facial expression including lip synch. The fur is made of custom made, four way stretch fur that moves with the actor, instead of bunching up in folds and restricting the actor as most available fabrics do. 

We also have a separate Kangaroo puppet arm.


KANGAROO - Credits

DISH NETWORK - Commerical Keith Bearden, director.

WALK THE PRANK - DISNEY Television show.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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