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PORCUPINE - Animatronic Puppet.


One- 22 inch tall, life-size animatronic puppet.


Foam latex, fibreglass, fur, soft foam, spandex, glass eyes, and mechanisms.


Head turn, eyes & lids, brows, mouth, and nose.





Our porcupine was created to be the camping buddy of our Grizzly Bear character costume in this BUD LIGHT commercial. We sculpted his body in clay, molded and cast it in soft foam latex over a fiberglass substructure. We assembled all of the animatronics into the fiberglass substructure, then we pulled the cleaned and painted foam latex body form over it, put the eyes and teeth in and covered the entire body in four-way stretch fur. For the final touch we punched all over in the fur with tinted and straightened monofilament for the quills.

NB ZIPS commercial.

BUDWEISER 'Campers' commercial. Lloyd Stein, director.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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