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Multiple sets of life-size eggshell thin, pre-scored body doubles and office furniture.


Resin gel, plaster and urethane.



Available with Advance Notice.

An entire office of furniture was shattered for this commercial. Pyro, wire pulls and a golf club were used to provide the shattering force. A complete desk was the most ambitious of the effects, consisting of a desktop stacked on two file boxes, and covered with a computer CPU & monitor, phone, desk organizer, blotter, pen, loose papers, even post-it notes. All were cast in eggshell thin material and scored to within an inch of their lives. Thousands of thin lines were were cut through every piece in quarter-sized triangle pattterns. An eighth of an inch of material left uncut between all the triangle shape corners were the only thing holding them together. In this condition, each piece is a 'kinetic bomb'waiting to go off; the slightest bump can send them shattering. 


Other objects shattered included file cabinets, wall dividers, stacks of paper, golf clubs and water coolers. Combinations of pyrotechnics, wire pulls and the simple impact of the prop golf club were used to shatter everything. There were shards of office flying every which way. Safety goggles were very important equipment on this job. Film was shot at high speed to capture all of thes split-second performances.


MICRON 'Anthem' commercial. Nick Egan, director.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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