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SHATTERING VASES - Special Effect.


Three- 4 foot tall painted vases.​


Porcelain vases with plaster bases added on.



Available with Advance Notice.

We created a few effects for Michal Jackson's 'Scream' video, and this one was relatively simple. Starting with large, real porcelain vases, we added on bases and gave them beautiful black paint jobs. Each vase was shattered with pyrotechnic charges with the hockey pucks added in post production, so they would 'hit' the vases at the perfect time and angle.


We learned from a previous job that was similar to this one. We painted a series of breakaway glass vases for Hot Shots 2 that were tested and wound up not being used. Real porcelain vases were used when they were found to respond much more dynamically (with sharper, more interesting fragments and movement) to the pyrotechnics shatters.


MICHAEL JACKSON 'Scream' music video.


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