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SHATTERING STATUE 2 - Description.


One- 8' tall, over life-size statue, pre-scored, pre-broken and faux-stone painted inside breaks.


Foam, fibreglass and bondo.




Available with Advance Notice.

The plot of this episode of LA LAW involved a building owner's protest of a Los Angeles law requiring that all public buildings under construction spend a small percentage of their construction budget on artwork for the buidings. In the story, the owner figured if he could comission an artwork controversial enough to incite its destruction, he could then sue the city and come out ahead, protesting the law in the process. The art department toyed with the idea of a nude 'Margaret Thatcher,' finally settling on a 'heroic' Martin Luther King lawn jockey statue. We built an eight foot tall statue, with Mr. King holding up a lantern in a heroic pose, but one that made the enraged crowd's connection to a lawn jockey believeable. We pre-scored the statue for breaking, painting the inside with the same faux stone pattern as the outside. We set the statue up on its pedestal on site, patching any little cracks with colored plasticene. The statue was lassoed and pulled down by the crowd, shattering when it hit the ground. Even though we knew full well that they were actors, it was still very visceral and alarming to be on set surrounded by a furious crowd of hundreds of rioters bellowing about the thing we had created- "Tear it down," "Destroy it" and especially, "Who made that thing? Let's get them!"


'LA LAW' television show.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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