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Special Effects

Welcome to the Anatomorphex website, a site dedicated to celebrating and archiving over 25 years of Special Effects work in Film and Television.

What we do - We create award-winning special effects -not computer generated, but real, tangible, physical special effects. This is where it's made- custom, from start to finish. Our services range from Animatronic People, Animals and Aliens; Makeup Effects; Stunt and Hero Props, Costumes; Miniatures and Sets for Movies, Commercials, Music Videos, Television Shows, Architectural Applications, Fine Art Fabrications...

We own the copyright on much of our work, making it available for rental, rebuilding or modification.

Our aim is to hit a home run with every project, big or small.

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About the Site -
Our site contains news of current and past projects, detailed product and technical information, as well as color pictures of our special effects work, movie clips, behind the scenes pictures and commentary.

If you have any questions about Anatomorphex, please feel free to use the contact pages.

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