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CHARACTERS are mascots, spokespeople, living icons that directly represent their clients.

The people, animals, fish, plants, objects or aliens included in this character category, are differentiated from the other categories in their use of caricature, exaggeration and/or human attributes, personalities and/or voices. Creating Characters that are finely detailed, with a high degree of character and expressive animation usually involves five distinct steps:
• sculpting.
• molding and coring.
• casting and cleaning skins & substructures.
• engineering the mechanisms necessary to animate the animal.
• and finishing- assembly, painting, putting in eyes, teeth, claws, applying and punching any necessary hair and surface detail.

We have helped to develop many well known characters such as: Jack (in the Box), the Titan Insurance superhero, PF CHANG's General Chang, Buddy Lee, the Sizzler Shrimp, Afrin's Noses, ESPN's Answers, KASHI Cereal's Temptation Mopnster, Nintendo's Conker the Squirrel, the Taco Bell Chihuahua and their Monster Eye monsters, to name a few. Allowing a generous design schedule is important to ensure these characters clearly reflect the customers' values.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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