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ORANGUTAN - Animatronic Costume.

One-12 inch tall animatronic mask and gloves.


Foam latex, hair, fibreglass, glass eyes, and mechanisms.


Head turn, eyes and lids, brow, mouth and lips.




Available with advance notice.

Our Orangutan mask and gloves were created for the very funny series of 'Priceless' commecials for MASTERCARD. In this spot, a guy finds himself mysteriously transported through a number of bewildering situations, finally landing as the groom in front of a bride to be, with a priest just wrapping up the rituals of joining them in marriage. The priest tells our guy that he may now kiss the bride, and when our guy lifts up the lace veil to kiss his new bride, she is revealed to be an orangutan. He pauses in shock, and she grabs his face with big orangutan hands and plants her big wet lips on his, sealing the deal and finalizing their marriage.


We created our orangutan mask and gloves by sculpting the mask on a life cast of the actor's face and the hands on life casts of the actor's hands. This way they were accurate and guaranteed to fit the actor comfortably. We molded them, cast them in foam latex, realistically painted them, and then punched orange orangutan fur into the foam latex. The mask is animatronic, with lips that extend out for the kiss gag, and brows that lift up with soulful feeling. Because the mask is so thin and small on the actor's face, we extended our animatronics cables up over his head to the actor's back, where the servo motors, battery, and radio receiver were grouped together on a plate worn on the actor's back. A foam pad over the mechanics plate completed the anatomy of an oragutan, by giving it the characteristic hunched shoulders.


MASTERCARD 'Priceless' commercial. Jhoan Camitz, director.

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