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AQUATIC CREATURES- we create so many aquatic creatures, we are practically the fish market of special effects. We are PADI certified scuba divers, and we bring over 30 years of experience in dealing with all the specialized issues that can come up while working underwater.


Fish and animals not only need look real to be convincing, they also need to move convincingly too- to act and react, with attitude and emotion in a way that expresses inner life. At Anatomorphex, we go the extra distance to get all of the special and significant details right to create creatures that truly not only look and move, but also feel very alive.


Artful detailing and carefully engineered mechanisms are only part of the final impression of a puppet - the talent and experience level of its puppeteers are equally critical. Once we have finished creating our animals puppets and costumes, then it is our highly skilled puppeteers' turn to give our animals that extra magic that brings them to life.

Our crew is among the best in the special effects business, and we utilise all of the very best available techniques to counterfeit nature. We have an extensive research library of books and films on animals, augmented with pictures and films from the internet. We carefully sculpt every exacting detail and nuance of each animal’s form.


We mold, cast, and fabricate them in supple materials, calculated to give the very best movement. Our mechanics go to great effort to design the right mechanisms to bring our animal puppets and costumes to life with high end animatronics, pneumatics, cable and rod mechanisms. We give great attention to meticulously painting them to achieve the high realism of our convincingly lifelike animal puppets.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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