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SHARK FINS - Mechanical Puppets.


One- 36 inch long fin with weighted speedrail keel.



Fibreglass, rubber plugs, aluminum and lead weights.



Rope pull and/or speedrail pivot.




This rig consists of a hollow Shark Fin with three separate ballast chambers inside to control and adjust its height in the water. Below is a speedrail frame for mounting weights to add side to side stability. Pulling the Fin with a rope provided all the necessary propulsion. Turns were achieved by mounting a 20 foot pivot arm off the side of the FinÕs speedrail frame the end of which was held still while the Fin was pulled in a arc.

SHARK FINS - Credits

RUUD & RYE 'Shark' commercial. Mats Lindberg, director. 
also KONICA 'Ishimo' commercial. Mr. Sanada, director.

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