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SPECIAL EFFECTS COSTUMES are required to meet demands far beyond normal costumes.

They need to create convincing animals, aliens, monsters, robots, imaginary creatures, representations of mascots, company spokes characters and various consumer products. To succeed in this, we utilize many approaches- state of the art animatronics, four way stretch fabrics and furs created on computerized looms, customized silicone and foam latex skins, soft foam muscle suits, and aluminum armatures.


Our costumes range from simple from simple masks and gloves to full animatronic body suits and large walkaround suits. Specialized suit performers are important for giving the best performances, especially working within the limitations of vision and movement of effects costumes. For smaller creatures, little people allow us to create small creature costumes that would otherwise need to be animatronic puppets. 

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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