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TONGUE - Costume.



7 foot tall walkaround/stunt suit.



Silicone rubber, soft foam, aluminum and powernet.




Available with Advance Notice.

We created our Tongue Costume for a very ambitious commercial campaign for ROUNDTABLE PIZZA. We were amazed to see all the stunts our Tongue suit was called on to perform over and over again in these spots. Fortunately, our stregegy included reinforcing the soft foam with powernetting underneath our coats of silicone rubber, and the suit held up to the continual abuse. The actor was fearless. They had him diving face first onto stunt pads; and jumping up in the air, spinning around and landing on his back, smashing stunt balsawood coffeetables flat to the ground. During countless stunts involving falls, dives and flipping off a swing, we continually checked in with him to see how he was doing. The actor reassured us that wearing our suit was proctecting him just as we planned. Wearing it was like wearing a stunt pad.

TONGUE - Credits

ROUNDTABLE PIZZA 'Happy' & 'In the Park' commercials. Jeff Gordon, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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