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Animatronic Baby Bear costume.

Mechanical Alligator Puppet.
Two Giant Scoreboard Helmets.
Dolphin Puppet.
Giant Roots and Branches Puppets.
Roswell Alien Puppet.
Giant Alien Pods and Tentacles.


Giant Egg Cartons.

Heinz Mayonnaise, Generic Mayonnaise, and seven Sandwich Costumes.
iBotta Otter Prop.
Mascot Heads of Mel Kiper and Josh Allen.
Catfish Puppet.
Animatronic Panda Bear Costume.
Talking Clam and Red Snapper Puppets.
Mort- Animatronic Alien Puppet.


Gnome and Piggyback Toddler Costumes.
Mechanical rising Souffle & Big Soufffle Props.
Animatronic Purl=ple Cow Costume.
Animatronic Dummy Costume.
Remote Control Costume.
‘TURBO TAX’ “Absolute Zero”
Giant Sheep Costume.


‘AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO’ David Shane, director.
Alien costumes & makeups- Zorak, Gorg, Zsa Zsa, Snailhead & Antennae.

Big brown bear body form.
Red Roswell Alien Makeup.
Outer Limits Alien & Cyclops Makeups.
Hannibal mask for Simon Cowell.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear & Sasquatch Costumes.
Animatronic Turkey, Porcupine & Squirrel Puppets.
Animatronic Yeti Costume.
Animatronic Gorilla Costume.
Giant Teddy Bear Costume.
Animatronic Polar Bear Costume.
Cat and Mermaid Sculptures.


‘GEICO’ Nick Ball, director.
Giant Eagle Talon puppet, Big baby Eaglet in egg puppet, & Catfish costume.

'FARMER’S INSURANCE’ Craig Gillespie, director.
Animatronic Turkey puppet.

Mascot head.
HBO letters in Sesame Street themed fur and feathers.
‘RIVER SPIRIT CASINO’ Lorenzo De Guia, director.
Animatronic Blue Macaw puppet.

ESPN Mascot heads of Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, David Pollack, and Sam Ponder.
Seal puppet.
Teddy Bear costume.
Raccoon puppet.
‘DAWN’ Nicholas Piper, director.
Pig utensil holders.

Cat Glasses & Cat Paw puppet.
‘TOYOTA’ Marcelo Norberto, director.
Animatronic Chupacabras puppet.

‘CAPITAL ONE’ Alec Helm, director.
Dragon puppet.

Butterfinger costume.
‘YELP’ Dave Laden, director.
Animatronic Deer puppets & Octopus puppet.

Viking model.
‘HEINZ’ Shawn Lacy, director.
4 Costumes- HEINZ Ketchup & Mustard, Regular Mustard & Hot Dog.

‘McDONALD’s’ Matt Smukler, director.
Humanoid robots.

‘GO DADDY’ Tim & Eric, directors.
Shark puppet & Shark fin.


'DISNEYLAND’ Roderick Fenske, director.
Matterhorn Abominable Snowman Head puppet & Bear Mountain puppet.

‘AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO’ Matt Dilmore, director.
Animal costumes & Puppets- Polar Bear, Alligator, Dodo Bird, Turtle, Sea Lion, Frog, Sloth leg, Kangaroo

Elephant Overalls & Elephant body shape.
‘RAZER NABU’ Samm Hodges, director.
38 Zombie makeups, Exploding Zombie head, Zombie body, Tree through zombie,Knife in zombie head..

‘ESPN’ David Shane, director.
Oversize Shattered Space Helmet for Mascot

Two realistic gold busts of actors.
‘PURINA 9 LIVES’ Simon Mowbray, director.
Electronic Glasses for Morris the cat & Cat paw puppet.

Dancing Avocado puppet.
Bret Michaels Bobbleheads.
Purple Cow Costume.
‘STUBHUB’ Mike Maguire, director.
Animatronic Ticket Oak Character puppet.

‘CHIOBANI’ Henry-Alex Rubin, director.
Clear Cow.


‘DEL TACO’ Jeff Tomsic, director.
Animatronic Turkey Character puppet.

Wally- animatronic Tire character puppet.
Michael Bolton bust.
Elephant Pin Strip Suit & Elephant body form costume.
Tapeworm Puppet.
Animatronic Squirrel puppet.
‘STUBHUB’ Mike Maguire, director.
Giant Ticket Oak Character puppet.

Animatronic Abominable Snowman costume.
Four Toy costumes- Giant Cat, Raggedy Ann, Baby Turtle, & Blue Wildman.


‘DODGE’ Christopher Riggert, director.
Godzilla costume.

‘GREAT CLIPS’ Neil Tardio, director.
Giant Venus Flytrap Puppet.

‘AFLAC’ Warren Kushner, director.
Full Body Cast Effect.

‘FOX SPORTS’ Mike Maguire, director.
Muscle Arms and prop Barbell Weights.

‘STUBHUB’ Mike Maguire, director.
Giant Ticket Oak Character puppet.

‘NISSAN’ Lance Accord, director.

‘ALLTEL’ Greg Popp, director.
Adult Baby Bjorne.

‘IP THEFT’ Bill Bruce, director.
Prosthetic ‘Manbreasts’ Makeup.

Animatronic Polar Bear costume.
‘DISH NETWORK -Hopper’ Keith Bearden, director.
Animatronic Kangaroo Costume.

Alligator puppet.
‘STUBHUB’ Mike Maguire, director.
Giant Ticket Oak Character puppet.

‘READING IS FUNDAMENTAL’ Rafael Fernandez, director.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear Costume & Wolf Mask.

‘CICI’s PIZZA’ Adam Goldstein, director.
Two Animatronic Pig Puppets.

‘MARRIOT’ Gerard de Thame, director.
Puppet Elephant Trunk and Giraffe Leg.

Twelve Travelocity Gnomes.


‘CALIFORNIA ALMONDS’ Adam Goldstein, director.
Heart Costume.

‘MERCEDES’ Carl Erik Rinsch, director.
Peelaway Mask Makeup Effect.

‘1-800 CONTACTS’  
Special custom Mannequin heads.

‘ACTIVISION’ Greg Popp, director.
Animatronic Deer Puppet.

Miniature Hot Air Balloons, People, and Buildings.
‘NINTENDO’ Justin Leibow, director.
Giant Tree Costume/Pupet. 

Bird Puppets. 
‘BATTLE STRIKERS’ Michael Patterson, director.
Demon Mask.

Creature arm. 
Chest Hair Makeup in map pattern.
‘LIVING SOCIAL’ Jared Eberhardt, director.

‘FISHERBOY’ Bandito Brothers, director.
Two Fish Head Costumes and animatronic Fish.

‘LOWE’S HARDWARE’ Todd Field, director.
Animatronic ‘Imaginary Friend’ Costume.

‘BIG LOTS’ David McNally, director.
Three Animatronic Chameleon Puppets and two Frogs.


‘BOOST MOBILE’ David Horowitz, director.
Broken Arm effect and bad wig effect.

‘CISCO’ Anthony Furlong, director.
Media Icon Puppets and character gloves.

‘GAME STOP’ Brian Billow, director.
Mechanical third arm and Ogre makeup with tearaway arm effect.

‘WESTERN & SOUTHERN’ Christian Bevilacqua, director.
Mechanical Elephant Leg puppet for insert shots.

‘MINNESOTA LOTTERY’ Jay Silverman, director.
Animatronic Badger puppet.

‘BANAMEX’ Simon Bross, director.
Animatronic Godzilla style creature suit.

Four Nike 'Sports Shaman' costumes.
Giant Mascot head of Lee Corso.
‘TRAVELER'S INSURANCE’ The Glue Society, director.
Playmobil Doll Family Suits and animatronic Dog.

‘BAYER’ Nieto, director.
Rhinocerous and Rhino body parts for insert shots.

‘FRUIT ROLL UPS’ Harold Einstein, director.
Oversize Muscle Leg prosthetic.

‘GUSHERS’ Harold Einstein, director.
Mechanical Baby Bird Puppets, Gusher Eye effect.

‘HONDA’ Bryan Buckley, director.
Mechanical Grizzly Bear Arms for insert shots.

‘TITAN INSURANCE’ Josh Miller, director.
Character Bobblehead dolls.

‘TRAVEL WISCONSIN’ Nicholas Spooner, director.
Stegosaurus and prehistoric props.

‘McDONALD'S’ Bryan Buckley, director.
Mechanical Grizzly Bear Arms for insert shots.

‘THUNDER VALLEY CASINO’ Nicholas Spooner, director.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear Costume and Trout puppet.

‘ACCENTURE’ Thierry Poiraud, director.
Mechanical Elephant Legs.

‘PF CHANG'S’ Chris Applebaum, director.
Company Icon Chinese General Statue.


Crash Test Dummy suit.
‘CARIBOU COFFEE’ Roderick Fenske, director.
Animatronic Character Puppets.

‘BUD LIGHT’  Justin Reardon, director.
Bud Light Bottle and Wheat Bundle costumes.

‘BOOST MOBILE’ Greg Popp, director.
Nails in hand and back effects and pull out hair effects.

‘LUNCHABLES’  Bandito Brothers, directors.
Animatronic Squirrel Puppets.

‘TRU TV’ Baker Smith, director.
Muscle Arm Prosthetic and 'Lockbrow' Prosthetics.

‘LAS VEGAS’  Roderick Fenske, director.
Animatronic Chinchilla Puppets.

‘VITAMIN WATER’ Randy Krallman, director.
Animatronic Deer, Badger and Rabbit puppets.

‘SOFTBANK’ Tadashi Tsukagoshi, director.
Animatronic Polar Bear Costume.

‘HYUNDAI’  JunWon Park, director.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear Costume.

‘WHITE CASTLE’ Tim Bieber, director.
White Castle Bag Costumes.

‘SKITTLES’ Randy Krallman, director.
Three stages of Old Age Prosthetic Makeups.

‘SEARCH ME’ DJ O’Neil, director.
Mechanical Raccoon Puppet.

‘MTV’ Nelson Cabrera, director.
Oversize masks of Bono, P Diddy and Robert Smith.

‘PERDUE’ Chuck Bennet, director.
Animatronic Gluttonous Chicken Puppet.

‘DOMINO’S PIZZA’ Plastico, director.
Animatronic Talking Pants.

‘VOLTAGE’ Perlorian Brothers, director.
Giant animatronic Mosquito puppet, Giant Albatross and Pigeons.


‘EA GAMES’ Brian Lee Hughes, director.
Mechanical Raccoon puppet, Fox Arms and Bear Arms for insert shots.

‘SPRING AIR’ Freddie Garza, director.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear costume.

Devil Fish.

Frog Puppet.
‘CARMAX’ Perlorian Brothers, directors.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear costume.

Animatronic Badger Puppet.
‘BURGER KING’ Guy Shelmerdine, director.
Mechanical Sea Lion Puppet.

‘VAULT SODA’ Guy Schelmerdine, director.
Mechanical Alligator Puppet.

‘PEPTO BISMOL’ Robert Jitzmark, director.
Godzilla type costume.

‘AMSTEL’ Rick Lenzing, director.
Makeup effects- inflating neck, animated peacock wig, inflated bellies.

Animatronic Pig Mask and Walkaround Pig Masks.
‘HORMEL’ The Gentlemen, director.
Cyclops mask and costume.

Cavemen and Cavewomen makeups.
‘EMBARQ’ Mike Maguire, director.
Floppy Arms and mutton chop wig.

Gnome Statues.
‘SURFRIDER’ Erich Joiner, director.
Realistic Walrus suit.

Two oversize realistic Kangaroo pouch special effects rigs.
The Beast makeup.
Grim Reaper costume.
Three swimming Shark fin puppets.
‘CAPTAIN LAWRENCE BEER’ Rob Pritts, director.
Old Age Makeup.

‘PURINA’ Bruce Hurwitt, director.
Realistic Dog paws and snout.


‘T-MOBILE’ Joseph Kahn, director.
Flat people and flat Dog effects.

‘TOYOTA COROLLA’ Jesse Peretz, director.
Animatronic Badger puppets.

‘HARLEY DAVIDSON’  Marcus Nispel, director.
Harley Claus mask.

‘HERTZ/PRIUS’ Neil Harris, director.
Animatronic Deer and Hare puppets.

‘CHANTIX’ Michael Schrom, director.
Animatronic Turtle puppet.

‘MENTOS’ Don Rase, director.
Mentos hats and jewelry.

Walkaround mascot suits.
‘BUDWEISER’ Russell Bates, director.
Sexy android.

Giant, bouncing Hamburger.
The Beast makeup.
‘BUSH CHILI’ Don Rase, director.
Electronic 'Chili Changer'.

Four vegetable walkaround suits.
‘REGALADO’ Jack Zagha, director.
20 animatronic Alien costumes.

Seal puppet.
Bobblehead doll of Darren Miller.
‘CARMAX’ Mike Maguire, director.  
Bad Teeth and Braces makeup prosthetics.

Animatronic Porcupine puppet.

Mechanical Butterfly puppet.

‘COMCAST’ Mike Maguire, director.
Beard growth effects.

‘POPSICLE’  Russell Bates, director.
Sand sculpture Superhero.

‘GENERAL MILLS’ Don Rase, director.
Miniature City of cereal boxes.

‘BUSH BEANS’ Don Rase, director.
Miniature Barn and Pig wings.

Two Alien costumes and one Alien makeup.
Animatronic Teddy Bear.


‘BUD LIGHT’ Jeff Goodby, director.
Apology Bot 3000 -animatronic Robot puppet.

‘BUD LIGHT’ Jeff Gorman, director.
Animatronic Squirrel puppets.

‘BUD LIGHT’ Jeff Gorman, director.
Animatronic Duck puppets.

‘MERCEDES’ Marcus Nispel, director.
Animatronic Cuckoo bird and Teddy Bear puppets.


Animatronic Grizzly Bear costume.
‘GE’ Mike Maguire, director.
Pregnant Head makeups.

Animatronic 'bad hair’ Wig puppets. 
'BURGER KING' Martin Granger, director.
Thing character costume.

Wolf-Grandma Makeup.
Cow Head and Legs.
‘PEPTO BISMOL’ Robert Jitzmark, director.
Peptosaurus Rex costume.

‘VAULT ENERGY DRINK’ Mike Long, director.
Flying Mustache rigs.

‘FORD ESCAPE’                  
Animatronic Grizzly Bear costume.

Cheese Wheels.
‘BIDRIN 8’  Jim Smith, director.
Stinkbug costume.

‘BUD LIGHT’ David Kellogg, director.
Animatronic Fish Alien costumes.

‘COMCAST’ Mike Maguire, director.
Deer & Birds costumes.

‘BURGER KING’ Aaron Stoller, director.
Tomato & Onion costumes.

‘ASK.COM’ Kinka Usher, director.
Animatronic Sasquatch character costume.

'McDONALD’s' Joe Pytka, director.
Animatronic Sasquatch character costume.

'WESTERN UNION' Robert Jitzmark, director.
Animatronic Squirrel Puppet.


Flat Body effect.
Smushed Body effect.
'BURGER KING' Eddy Chu, director.
Robot costume.

Duckman character costume.
'BLUE MONSTER GOLF COURSE' Michael Chaves, director.
Blue Monster Arms.

'TAMPER TABS'  Brent Thomas, director.
Cyclops makeup.

'TAMPER TABS'  Brent Thomas, director.
Big Muscle Arm makeup.

'TAMPER TABS'  Brent Thomas, director.
Six Finger Hands makeups.

David Stremme to Kevin Harvick peelaway mask effect.
David Greene to Greg Biffle peelaway mask effect.
Martin Truex Jr. to Mark Martin peelaway mask effect.
'SKITTLES' Martin Granger, director.
Blender Hands makeup effects.

'SKITTLES' Martin Granger, director.
Sheepboys Sheep Wigs makeup effects.

Uncle Sam makeup.
Plato makeup.
'AAMCO' Rob Pritts, director.
Ear spurting oil makeup effect.

'AAMCO' Rob Pritts, director.
Forehead Engine Light makeup effect.

Prosthetic Cow Udder makeup.
'ORBIT GUM' Happy, director.
Meat Eating Plant puppet.

'ORBIT GUM' Happy, director.
Animatronic Deer puppet.

Ranch Tooth character.
Miniature House.
Action Figure Pat dolls.
'BURGER KING'  Eddy Chu, director.
Animatronic Were-Rabbit character puppet.


Animatronic Temptation Monster Character.
Sea Lion Puppet.
'Wanie' & 'Waniko'- Animatronic Alligator Characters.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear Character.
Ice Cream Cone, Cake and Cappucino Blast Costumes.
'VW PASSAT' Kim Geldenhuys, director.
Leaf Puppets.

Mikey Stunt Dummy.
Ultra-realistic Mister Potatohead Pieces.


'BUD LIGHT' Peter Miller, director.
Hermit Crab Puppet.

Animatronic White Rhino Costume.
Giant Ant.
'OUTBACK STEAKHOUSES' Peter Miller, director.
Two Headed Fish Puppet.

'VERIZON' Hype Williams, director.
James Earl Jones Lookalike Makeup.

'OUTBACK STEAKHOUSES' Peter Miller, director.
Frozen Faces & Beard Makeups.

Full Body Cast.
Stunt Dummies.
'FIRST TENNESSEE BANK' Jonathan Bekemeier, director.
Dollar Bill Costumes.

'ACE HARDWARE PAINT' Rob Pritts, director.
Mechanical Cuckoo Bird Puppet.

'DANONE YOGURT' Hank Perlman, director.
'Inner Self' Character Costume.

'DUCK DOGERS' promo. Bruce Hurwitt, director.

'MALIBU FILM FESTIVAL' Kevin Smith, director.
Reel Suits.

Oxi-Magic Suits.
'FIREWISE PSA' Michael Chaves, director.
Three Fire Demon Characters.

Animatronic Kangaroo character.
'CINGULAR' Evan Bernard, director.
Sasquatch Makeup.

Mechanical Daisy Puppet.
'DUNKIN DONUTS' Rob Pritts, director.
Five Clown Makeups.


'BENQ CELLPHONES' Jeff Chang, director.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear.

'BEAT SODA' Tito Lara, director.
Animatronic White Rhino Costume.

'ING FINANCIAL' Paul Middleditch, director.
Animatronic White Rhino Costume.

'ROUNDTABLE PIZZA' Jeff Gordon, director.
Tongue Character.

'FIRST TENNESSEE BANK' David Frankham, director.
Dollar Bill Costumes.

'ROUNDTABLE PIZZA' Jeff Gordon, director.
Flavor -Bot Robot.

Spaceship Miniature Model.
'KELLOGG'S CRISPEX CEREAL' John O'Hagan, director.
Tribador' -Animatronic Alien Character.

'PLYMOUTH' Bruce Hurwitt, director.
Troll Character.

Sasquatch Costume.
'NO SMOKING PSA' Jim Dollarhide, director.
Animatronic Gatorman Monster Character.

'FRUIT BY THE FOOT' Dave Merhar, director.
Animatronic Lizard Puppet.'

'FORD' Robert Logevall, director.
Crash Test Dummy suits and puppet.

Sheep Dog Costume.
'GATORADE ENERGY BARS' Erich Joiner, director.
Animatronic White Rhinocerous suit.

'AT&T' Laurence Dunmore, director.
Animatronic baby & umbilical for birthing effect.




'TOYOTA' Dave Merhar, director.
Animatronic Running Rhino and full size White Rhino walkaround suit.

'JEEP' Rocky Morton, director.
One Buck and one Doe- posable Deer bodies.

'SUBARU' Brent Thomas, director.
Crash Test Dummy walkaround suits & mechanical puppets.

'GOLF' Chuck and Clay, directors.
Animatronic Squirrel Puppet.

'AMERICAN AIRLINES' Bruce Hurwit, director.
Airline chair costumes for 'Chair Man.'

'MARIE'S POURABLES' Mark Story, director.
Talking tomato & lettuce puppets.

'TEEN PREGNANCY P.S.A.' Ian Appel, director.
Teen mom, dad and baby models. Miniature sets.

'ESPN' David Frankham, director.
Answers and baby answers.

'SWEET N' LOW' Tenny Fairchild, director.
Alien Family.

'NINTENDO' Sean Mullins, director.
'Conker'-Animatronic Squirrel character.

'LG INSURANCE' Jong Won Kim, director.
Three 11' long swimming Alligators & One Mechanical half Alligator.

'MIRAE ASSET' Jong Won Kim, director.
Animatronic Dung Beetle and Dung Ball.


'BUDWEISER' Lloyd Stein, director.
Animatronic Grizzly Bear suit and animatronic Porcupine.


Animatronic Turkey puppets.
'LG INSURANCE' Jong Won Kim, director.
Three 11' long swimming Alligators & One Animatronic half Alligator.

'HALLMARK' David Hunter, director.
Giant teddy bear.

'ALAMO' Steven Beck, director.
3 animatronic Aliens & suits for Universal 'Men In Black' tie-in spot.

'INTEL' David Kellogg, director.
6 foot long pneumatic, underwater 'Giant Grouper' fish puppet.

'TACO BELL' Brent Thomas, director.
Shattering 'Chihuahuas.'

Ice Skates.
Pasta Character Puppets.
'MARINELA BOTARGAS' Tito Lara, director.
Cookie costumes.

Miniature Medeaval Castle & Groundhog Puppet.
'SALON.COM' Gore, Bradley, Bush & McCain
Presidential Candidate Dolls.

'FLORIDA LOTTERY' Gary Weis, director.
Animatronic Alien Puppets.


'MASTERCARD' Jhoan Camitz, director.
Animatronic'Orangutan' Suit & 3 backgrnd Orangutans.

'FLASHCOM' Alex Alonso, director.
Animatronic Turtle with Rocket Pack.

'BUD LIGHT' Rob Pritts, director.
Bald Cap Makeups. Piranha. Peg Leg &Hook Prosthetics.

'SKOL BEER' Sergio Amon, director.
2 Animatronic 'Alien' Suits &18 other background Aliens.

'E-COVERAGE' Dick Sittig, director.
Half-scale Triceratops, Apatosaurus, & 7 Wooly Mammoths.

'INDIANAPOLIS SPEEDWAY' Dave Dolle, director.
Animatronic Turtle & Snail Puppets.
'NATIONAL TOURISTER' Mark Celentano, director.
Animatronic 'Gorilla' Suit.

'SIZZLER' Lee Pearson, director.
Animatronic Shrimp Puppets.

'POLAROID' Frank Todaro, director.
Animatronic Alien Suit with Smile Mechanism.

'LEXUS' Marcus Nispel, director.
Crash Test Dummy Puppets & Crash Test Dummy Suits.

'BURGER KING' Marcus Nispel, director.
Crash Test Dummy Heads.

'COKE' Breck Eisner, director.
Mechanical Raven Puppet.

'TITLEIST' Marcus Nispel, director.
Giant golf club.

'Buddy Lee' Hero Puppets & Stunt Puppets.

'HI-C' James Wahlberg, director.
Hi Tech Mechanical Truck Model.

'WRIGLEY'S' James Wahlberg, director.
Animatronic Mechanical Bird.

'UNIVERSAL STUDIOS' Marcus Nispel, director.
T-Rex Teeth, Palate & Tongue. Doctor Seuss Fish.

'RUUD & RYE RAZORS' Mats Lindberg, director.
Shark Fin.

'SIZZLER' Lee Pearson, director.
Animatronic Alien Puppet.

Trout & Stunt Logs.
'NEVADA POWER' Zack Snyder, director.
Animatronic Alien Suit.

'SPRITE' Marcus Nispel, director.
Buddha Sculpture and Kabuki Masks.

'TIX-TO-GO' Kent Russell, director.
Tick Costume.

'ALLEGRA' James Wahlberg, director.
Giant Dandelions.

'TIVO' Brent Eisner, director.
Grim Reaper.

'PIZZA HUT' Tim Hamilton, director.
Great White Shark.

'BUD LIGHT' James Wahlberg, director.
Miniature Locker Room.

'E-POSTAGE' Rob Pritts, director.
Old Age Makeup Effect.

'AFRIN' Kelvin Fosberry, director.
Nose Masks with electronic vision.

'JACK IN THE BOX' Dick Sittig, director.
Giant Burger Trophy.

Realistic Wax Figures.
'AFRIN' Kelvin Fosberry, director.
Nose Masks with electronic vision.

'MOVIEPHONE.COM' Rocky Morton, director.
Ape Makeups.

'HAMBURGER HELPER' James Wahlberg, director.
Mechanical Ravioli Man, Ravioli Hats Mechanical Teeth.

'APPLE MACINTOSH' Mark Coppos, director.
Mechanical Snail Puppet.

'GOT MILK?' Joe Public, director.
Mechanical Cow Head.

'LUCKY CHARMS' Pedro Avila, director.
Lucky Charms mask.

Large Metallic Spiderweb.
'CAMPBELL'S' Rob Pritts, director.
Rubber Stunt Chickens.

Stunt Mannequins.
'Big Brain' Makeup Appliance.
'KONICA' Mr. Sanada, director.
Giant Shark Fin & Sharkfin Hat.


'TACO BELL' Rocky Morton, Director
Rubber Chihuahua Stunt Puppet.

'MICRON COMPUTER' Nick Egan, Director
Shattering Boss, Desk, File Cabinet, etc. Effects.

'BELL SOUTH' Rob Pritts, Director
Animatronic Gophers, Mr.Tickles Dolls & Big Ears Makeups.

'NIKE' Rocky Morton, Director
Shattering, Charred Vampire Biker Lady & Exploding Head Effects.

'HARDEE'S' Bruce Hurwit, Director
Animatronic, Pneumatic & Mechanical Alien Puppet.

'POSTOBAN' Simon Brand, Director
Animatronic 'Martian' Puppet, Mars Probes & Landscape.

'LEE JEANS' Spike Jonze, Director
Buddy Lee Hero Puppets & Stunt Puppets.

'AMERITRADE' Martin Bell, director.
Underwater, Animatronic Grey Reef Shark Puppet.


'TACO BELL' Rocky Morton, Director
40 Monster Head Animatronic/CablePuppets.

'EVEREADY ENERGIZER' Simon West, Director
4 Mechanical Piranha Puppets.

'SAMSUNG COMPUTERS' Jong Won Kim, director.
Animatronic Great White Shark Puppet.

'NO SMOKING P.S.A.' Francis Lawrence, director.
Mars Rover & Martian Landscape Set.

'KELLOGG'S EGGO WAFFLES' Jesse Dylan, Director,
Freeze Effect, Frozen Family Effect.

'JACK IN THE BOX' Dick Sittig, director.
‘Jack’s Back’ Campaign Heads with Vision Electronics. Special Props.

'MERCEDES' Bruce Dowad, director.
Animatronic Shaking Rattlesnakes and Jumping Trout.


'SEGA Obsidian EGG' Rocky Morton, director.
Shattering Man effects. GOLD CLIO, Best Visual Effects.

'JACK IN THE BOX' Dick Sittig, director.
‘Jack’s Back’ Campaign- Heads with Vision Electronics. Special Props.

'McDONALD'S' Victor Habusch, director.
5 Landscape Miniatures with Restaurants & RC Truck.

'PANASONIC' Herb Ritts, director.
Mechanical Hippo Puppet.

Animatronic Gecko Lizard Puppet.
'CENTRAL PARK- JAPAN' Takashi Shimoji, director.
Monster Makeups. T-Rex SkeletonSet. Animatronic Angler Fish.

'PHILIPS ELECTRONICS' Graham Henman, director.
Mechanical Alien Robot Puppet.


'HOSTESS CUPCAKES' David Bishop, director.
Underwater, Animatronic Shark Puppet.

'JACK IN THE BOX' Dick Sittig, director.
'Jack's Back'Campaign- Heads with Vision Electronics. Special Props.

'McDONALD's' 'Another Showdown' Joe Pytka, director.
Classic Football hero Statue.

'UNOCAL' 'Model Maker' Jeff Gordon, director.
Cartoon car models.


'ADIDAS' Paul Weyland, Director
Treadmill and Runner Mechanical Puppet.


'LENZERHEIDE' Swiss Ski Resort
Mechanical Ram Puppet.


'NIKE' 'Barkley of Seville' and 'Quincy' Joe Pytka, Director.
Atlas Statue and Shattering Statue Effect. Stonehenge.


'TOYOTA' Bob Eggers, Director
Total Recall Memory Implant Machine.



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