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POLAR BEAR - Animatronic Costume.


One- 7 1/2 foot tall animatronic walkaround suit.


Foam latex, fibreglass, fur, soft foam, spandex, glass eyes and mechanisms.

Head turn, body, arms, eyes & lids, brows, mouth, lips, nose and ears.




Our Polar Bear was created by using our existing Grizzly Bear muscle suit and head backpack mechanism as foundations, and creating a new animatronic head, arms, feet, and fur. As with our Grizzly bear costume, we used only the best, four way stretch, specially blended fur, created on a computerized loom by National Fiber Technology. Unlike regular fabric store furs, NFT fur stretches with your creature, giving a beautifully realistic performance, without pulling tight and restricting the actor, or bunching and folding up badly, ruining the illusion of realism and looking like fabric. As with our Grizzly bear, we have created the suit to cheat human anatomy, with the much longer arms and neck of a real bear, shorter legs, big belly, and a big bear butt that the actor can sit up on, just like real bears do.


In its first appearance our Polar bear was in a Japanese commercial, filmed in four passes and composited into a pack of four polar bears who explain the benefits of SOFTBANK Yahoo BB. For a Korean commercial for DAELIM, our polar bear heroically pulls two ice floes together, gets to dance, and sits down flipping through a series of display cards. And in its latest spot, our Polar Bear joined a dozen of our other animal puppets and costumes in an ambitious superbowl commercial for AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO. The spot has a great concept- at the creation of earth, animals are being chosen by countries in a process huimorously similar to football draft process. Our polar bear, is shown wearing a big sombrero and sitting up with his claws crossed (in place of fingers), wishing and hoping to be chosen by sunny Mexico -but alas, he loses and Mexico chooses the avocado instead. Poor polar bear- we all know where he winds up...

POLAR BEAR - Credits

AVOCADOS FROM MEXICO 'First Draft Ever' commercial. Matt Dilmore, director.

DAELIM commercial.

SOFTBANK 'Yahoo BB' commercial. Tadashi Tsukagoshi, director.

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