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COW - Mechanical Puppet.

Lifesize Cow head puppet.


Soft foam, fur and mechanisms.


Eye blink & mouth.



Our Cow head was originally made for a Got Milk commercial, made to match an existing cow and wink in a closeup. After that, we added a pair of legs for a CHICK FIL'A, when our cow protests at a burger joint holding up picket signs, and unfurling a banner hiding the buger sign, reading 'Eat More Chiken'. The banner was one of the more awkward stunts I've had to do, way high on a ladder, first pushing the rolled up sign open while balancing and performing with the cow head, lifting it up over the sign.


Cow Body Form - Posable


We've created quite a few other cow parts over time, like the big cow udders for the suggestive CARL's JUNIOR commercials where a guy shakes a well endowed cow to the song, "Shake that thing!" The agency felt that the cow they wanted to use for the commercial was beautiful, but in need a prosthetic udder enlargement. For the yearly CHICK FIL'A calendars, where cows are shown in place of the actors in the movie genre of the year, we created a soft foam posable body form of a cow. This year's theme was Spy movies, so they draped our cow form in tuxedos, karate robes, and scuba suits. We also created a full size cow that was completely transparent except for the black markings, for a CHIOBANI commercial. For Mejier markets we created an animatronic walkaround Purple Cow character costume.

CARL'S JUNIOR 'Cow Shake' Commercial.

CARL'S JUNIOR 'Cow Shake-off' Commercial.

Cow Parts

COW - Credits

GOT MILK commercial. 

CHICK FIL'A commercial.

CARL'S JUNIOR / HARDEE'S commercials.

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