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WALRUS - Mechanical Costume.

One- 7' long body.


Fur fabric, soft foam, wire hoops, foam tusks, flippers and tails, glass eyes, and thick monofilament whiskers. 


Full body & head.





Our big Walrus costume was designed to be able to crawl like a real Walrus, and also drive in an open jeep.We sculpted, molded, and cast the head and tusks in soft foam, and we fabricated the body in soft foam supported by a structure of steel hoops, with a painted plush velvet fabric for skin. The flipper are designed in a way that his hands can come out enough to grasp the steering wheel of the jeep and steer.


We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with the SURFRIDER FOUNDATION (; a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to preserving ocean ecology and access to our beaches. In the spot, our Walrus defies a rude private beach guard by taking off with his beach patrol jeep and even running over a 'private beach' sign with it. 


Behind the scenes footage

WALRUS - Credits


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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