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GORILLAS - Animatronic Costumes.

Two- 5 foot 10 inch tall costumes.


Silicone rubber, urathene, fur, foam, spandex, fibreglass and mechanisms.


Full body, eyes and lids, brow, mouth, lips and smile.




Our animatronic Gorilla costumes are quite popular and they have been in quite a few movies, music videos, and commercials. They started out as the gorilla in the AMERICAN TOURISTER commercials. They were then featured in the movie TRADING PLACES. Because our gorilla costume is very realistic, we have also been able to use it on quite a few reality shows, where people are led to believe it is a real gorilla, usually in a cage, then it escapes to menace and scare the unsuspecting participants.


The suit performer's body is altered into the anatomy of a real gorilla by a muscle suit worn under the fur, that recreates all of the gorilla muscle forms, the big hunched back and shoulders and the big belly. Our gorilla costume uses the very best fur- four way stretch, specially blended fur, created on a computerized loom by National Fiber Technology. Unlike regular fabric store furs, NFT fur stretches with creatures, giving a beautifully realistic performance, without pulling tight and restricting the actor, or bunching and folding up badly, ruining the illusion of realism and looking like fabric.


The heads were sculpted, molded and cast into foam latex. Our gorilla heads are designed so the suit performer can see- our gorilla masks mate up with the actor's eyes. Animatronics in the masks cause the mouth and lips to move and the brows to move. The inside of the mouth is included, so it looks all the more real when his mouth opens and his lips curl back to expose his teeth, tongue, and throat. The hands and feet were also sculpted, molded, and cast into durable latex rubber. Extension arms cheat the actor's arms as long as a real gorilla's arms, allowing the acter to perform the classic gorilla 'knuckle walk' in the suit. We also have a set of shorter gorilla arms with gorilla hand gloves the actor wears, if he needs to grab or hold things with his hands.

GORILLA #2 - Animatronic Costume.

GORILLAS - Credits

JEEP WRANGLER 4XE 'Earth Odyssey' commercial. Lance Acord, director.

AMERICAN TOURISTER commercial. Mark Celentano, director. 

TRADING PLACES feature film.
SANYO 'Be Free' commercial.

CHEERIOS Commercial.
ABC  FAMILY - Freak Out.
D-SMART Commercial.
WALK THE PRANK televison show.
CASIO commercial.

PUNK'D with Chance the Rapper.  Quibi series.

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