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INDIAN RHINOCEROS - Animatronic Costume.

One- 9 1/2 foot long animatronic walkaround suit.


Soft foam, latex, fibreglass, glass eyes, and mechanisms.


Head turn, eyes and lids, brow, mouth, nostrils, ears, body, and tail.



Original Not Available.

Our Indian Rhinoceros -that we affectionately named 'Daisy'- was specifically created for a Nickelodeon movie, 'MANIAC McGEE.' It was our first really big animal costume, and it was created under such a very short schedule, so it was not as versatile and maneuverable as our second, White Rhinoceros costume. Its weight was supported on aluminum rods in the legs which took the weight off of the actors, but this strategy required the suit performers to rock the costume side to side as they walked, so the legs could be moved. This added to the humor, but we learned many valuable lessons to put to use in our update, version 2.0 White Rhinoceros costume.                                                                       


'MANIAC McGEE' (Nickelodeon) 2000. Bob Clark, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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