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ONION - Costume.



One- 4 foot tall costume.



Soft foam, raffia, paint.


Available with Advance Notice.

We created our Onion Costume for a BURGER KING commercial. The actor had to climb stairs and also run in the costume. Considering that there were no eye holes, he did an amazing job, assisted by a radio earphone and what little vision we were able to provide for him looking down through the suit where his legs came out. Normally we employ our video vision goggles in situations like this, but when they are made to run in a costume, the video image is so jittery and blurry that it is useless to the actor. Not only did our suit performer need to run blind, he also had to have his feet lassoed, bringing him crashing down to the ground. That is dedication, and no small amount of courage. Fortunately, when built properly, these kinds of soft foam costumes are also stunt suits, where the foam also acts as crash pads. And when built solidly, these kinds of costumes also stay together when they take fall after fall. Which ours do.

ONION - Credits

BURGER KING commercial. Aaron Stoller, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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