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One- 5 foot tall costume.



Plastics & vinyl prints.





Available with Advance Notice.

Our Visa Card Man costume looks pretty simple by the look of it, but I can assure you as with most of our costumes, it required many subtle strategies to get it to look so deceptively simple- the arms had to be placed just right, and to keep the card as thin as possible, the suit performer's head has to be turned sideways to his body. 


Because the card could not have any visible holes in it, the actor had to perform without any vision ports -aside from being able to see a bit, down where his legs enter the costume. To help with the ambitious stunts the commercial called for, like riding a bicycle, we utilized our video vision goggles and places a small pinhole video camera near eye level behind a very small hole in the costume.


The action was was shot in a green screen environment and up on a raised stage, which made a few of the stunts a lot trickier. The toughest stunt for the suit performer was riding a bicycle up on the raised stage, with only our video goggles and our prompts over a radio earpiece to keep him from disaster. Our suit performers never cease to amaze me- he rode the bike around without a single mishap, no falling and definitely not riding right off the edge of the raised platform. Whew.


VISA commercial.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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