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Two- 20 inch long turkeys.



Soft foam and silicone rubber.​







We created these realistic Turkey Masks for the original FRIENDS television show. We molded a real 25 pound turkey, and created realistic versions that can be worn over a person's head. We included a few fine screened openings for vision and breathing. This was for a Thanksgiving episode of FRIENDS where Joey impulsively sees if he can fit his head into the turkey, and he succeeds, but getting it off proves to be even more embarrassing and not so easy. At the end of the episode, Monica can't believe Joey did it... she is really curious to know how he was even able to... and she proceeds to get herself into the same trouble.

TURKEY HAT - Credits

FRIENDS television series.

Also, THAT'S SO RAVEN televison series.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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