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ZORAK & ALRON - Animatronic Costumes.


Two- full size alien animatronic heads & spacesuits- 5’9” & 6’5” tall.



Foam latex, fibreglass, metal, electronics, foam & fabric.


Head and neck, eyelids, mouth, lips and brows.




Zorak & Alron "It's all about the lure"

Fishing for Humans. We first provided the clients with a sketch & then a small vignette/figure before proceeding to the full sized human costumes. 

We built animatronic fish alien character costumes, Zorak and Alron, who turn the tables on us, fishing for people with bottles of Bud Light as bait. "It's all about the lure." This job was nearly canceled, but our concept drawing showing the aliens fishing for humans as fish style aliens added the extra humor needed to justify bringing this commercial project back to life.


ZORAK & ALRON  - Credits

Bud Light commercial. David Kellogg, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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