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SHAGGY DOG - Animatronic Costume.


One- five foot ten inch tall body suit.


Fur, soft foam, fibreglass, and mechanisms.

Full body movement and tongue 'panting'.





Our Shaggy Dog costume was designed to look real in a crouching position, and to also ride in a hang glider kite, which admittedly does not make him look so convincingly real. We used very shaggy four-way stretch fur. His head is fur and fiberglass, with an adjustable helmet inside, and remote control animatronic tongue.

Our performer got to travel to Thailand with our Shaggy Dog costume, to shoot a commercial for CAFRI, a Korean beer. A korean actor performed in the hang glider scenes, which was a blessing for the actor we sent, because the high winds that came up on that day blew the the glider kite all over- everywhere but where they wanted to film it.

SHAGGY DOG - Credits

CAFRI BEER commercial.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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