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SASQUATCH - Animatronic Costume.


One 6' to 6'10" tall animatronic 



Foam latex, 4-way stretch fur, slip cast latex, spandex, soft foam, plastics & aluminum.


Body & head movement, with actor’s madeup eyes & lids. Mouth and extension hands are posable. Also has shorter, glove hands for hand movement.




Our Sasquatch is very popular. Among his many appearances, he was in the Beastie Boys ‘Triple Trouble’ music video. The Beastie Boys explain that the reason they have been out of the media for awhile because they were kidnapped by Sasquatch, and they proceed to dis him to a reporter on tv -“Sasquatch got terrible hygene I gotta say; he needs a haircut, he’s got terrible BO, and bad breath, terrible!’ Sasquatch hears this on the tv in his cave, and he is furious. He smashes his tv set, finds out where the Beastie Boys are on Mapquest, and he runs non-stop all the way into Manhattan to confront the Beastie Boys. That year our Sasquatch also appeared on the MTV Music Awards, introduced as the ‘new member’ of the Beastie Boys. Our Sasquatch has made many other appearances too- for, ING Financial, Cingular, Bank of America, and also in a McDonald’s commercial directed by Joe Pytka, where he can’t resist sharing his enthusiasm with his new friend, Ronald McDonald, "Hey, I have big feet, just like you!"

We approached conceptualizing our Sasquatch as a sort of missing link, some possible unknown humanoid species like the Neanderthal, that somehow survived into modern times. We sculpted the face with a looong, extended upper lip, and gave him an extended brow with a good natured, quizzical expression. We designed the mask so the actor’s eyes line up with Sasquatch’s eyes, allowing the actor to easily see out of the mask. We apply dark grey makeup around the actor’s eyes to blend his eyes in with the mask. Later on, we also created a makeup face, that uses prosthetics, makeup, and fur on the actor’s face in place of our Sasquatch mask. To match the body proportions of Sasquatch, we created a soft foam hunched shoulder piece for the muscle suit, and for his arms, we created extension gloves.

For the Sasquatch fur, we chose only the best four way stretch National Fiber Technology fur that we use in our best, bear, gorilla and other creature costumes. The fur is created on a computerized loom, allowing very accurately controlled blends of multiple colors, lengths, and qualities of hair. The hair is woven into an elastic backing that allows the fur fabric to stretch and move with the suit performer in a very natural way. We chose the color very carefully, matching the grey of the famous Patterson film of Sasquatch. We added some brown fur to the mix for warmth.

For an commercial directed by Kinka Usher, we created an additional, animatronic face, with lip and brow movement, and a shaved Sasquatch face for the spot, for the humorous storyline where Sasquatch goes to for dating advice, and is advised to shave and bring her flowers. This leads to a very funny scene where Sasquatch with a big pink, fresh shaved jaw, presents his potential date with a newly uprooted entire rose bush, complete with roots and clumps of earth dangling.

Sasquatch for Commercial

Sasquatch for Beastie Boys "Triple Trouble" music video.


BANK OF AMERICA commercial. Craig Brownrigg, director.

BEASTIE BOYS 'Triple Trouble' music video. MCA (under his alias Nathaniel Hornblower), director.

MTV Music Awards.

ASK.COM commercial. Kinka Usher, director.

McDONALD’s commercial. Joe Pytka, director.

CINGULAR commercial.

ING FINANCIAL commercial. Paul Middleditch, director.

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