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COW SUITS - Animatronic Costumes.

Two- 6 foot tall 



Fleece fur, soft foam, vacuum formed plastic, and mechanics.


Full body & tongue mech.




Original Not Available.

We created these Purple Cow character costumes for MEIJER Markets, to advertise the ice cream stores within their markets. We first created a scale model of the costume, over a small articulated artist's model to insure that the costume would fit human proportions. Once the model was approved, we accurately patterned and enlarged the full body form in soft foam. The head form was sculpted and vacuum formed in strong, lightweight ABS plastic. We covered the whole costume in a soft fleecy fur fabric to give it an appealing skin. For a final touch, to dramatise how tasty their ice cream is, we adding a humorous licking tongue mechanism.

Purple Cow Suit - Sculpted model 

Purple Cow Suit - Head Form

COW SUITS - Credits

MEIJER MARKETS Walkaround costumes.


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