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GREAT WHITE SHARK - Mechanical Puppet.

One- 38 inch long, mechanical puppet.


Silicone rubber, fibreglass, glass eyes & mechanisms.


Tail kick 'swim' and mouth open/close with teeth & gum reveal.





This puppet was used 'dry for wet;' that is, out of water in the easy topside environment of a bluescreen sound stage. To simulate an underwater effect, light was reflected off mirror shards in a slightly agitated pool of water below our puppet and fine diffussion screen patterns were waved in front of light sources. Our puppet has a motor driven tail kick and a cable driven mouth open/close. The entire palate of shark teeth also push forward when a great white shark opens it's mouth and our mouth mechanism recreates this compound movement, causing the gums to reveal for a very visceral effect. Combinations of simultaneous simple puppet turns and camera moves created elegant turns and movements.


GO DADDY commercial. Tim & Eric, directors.

SAMSUNG 'Shark' commercial. Jong Won Kim, director. 
PIZZA HUT 'Jaws' commercial. Tim Hamilton, director.


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