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GREAT WHITE SHARK - Mechanical Puppet.

One- 38 inch long, mechanical puppet.


Silicone rubber, fibreglass, glass eyes & mechanisms.


Tail kick 'swim' and mouth open/close with teeth & gum reveal.





Our Great White Shark puppet can be used 'dry for wet' -that is, out of water, in the easier environment of a sound stage. For our Samsung commercial, to simulate an underwater effect, light was reflected off mirror shards in a slightly agitated pool of water placed below our puppet and fine diffusion screen patterns were waved in front of the light source aimed into the mirror shards in the pool of water. Our puppet has a motor driven tail kick and a cable driven mouth open/close. The entire palate of shark teeth push forward when a great white shark opens it's mouth, so we created our great white shark puppet's mouth mechanism to recreate this compound movement, so the gums push out and are revealed for a very visceral effect. To simulate swimming, our shark puppet was shot on against greenscreen and combinations of simultaneous simple puppet turns and camera moves created elegant turns and movements.


SAMSUNG 'Shark' commercial. Jong Won Kim, director. 
PIZZA HUT 'Jaws' commercial. Tim Hamilton, director.

GO DADDY commercial. Tim & Eric, directors.

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