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SHRIMP CHARACTERS - Animatronic Puppets.


Two- 36 inch long, cable/hand puppets.



Silicone rubber, fibreglass and mechanisms.



Head, eyes and lids move. Mouth open/close with lip synch, arms, antennae & tail.


Available with Advance Notice.


These puppets were used 'dry for wet'- that is, out of water in the relative easy topside environment of a sound stage. They were built oversize, their scale determined by the best size to accomodate the puppeteer's arms and hands for lip synch. The puppeteer's fingers moumt into fingertubes cast into the silicone skin. The arms and antennae are operated by cable terminating in finger ring controls and the eyes and lids are on remote control radios. They were shot in a bluescreen environment and composited into footage taken in a scale model fish tank environment. The bubbles were added in post production. 



SIZZLER 'Shrimp Talk' and 'Shrimpzilla' commercials. Lee Pearson, director.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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