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GREY REEF SHARK - Mechanical Puppet.


One 36 inch long, smaller than life-size, mechanical underwater puppet.



Silicone rubber, fibreglass, glass eyes and mechanisms.


Tail kick 'swim' and mouth open/close with gum reveal mech.




This Hostess commercial was a demanding job, calling for an underwater, swimming shark. The big challenge was the need for our shark to be totally self-contained and to swim. The solution to get swim movement entailed: the right motor -one small enough to fit inside the shark, but strong enough to make the tail kick back and forth; powering it with rechargeable batteries; and devising underwater, watertight electrical connectors and a way of swapping fresh batteries in and out.


Our strategy to move the Shark through the water was to hang it from a narrow floatation tube on monofilament and pull the floatation tube to get the shark moving. We knew silicone rubber would deliver beautiful, realistic underwater movement and it did not disappoint us. This spot went on to win awards and run for years.


HOSTESS 'Shark' commercial. David Bishop, director. 
also- AMERITRADE 'Planet' commercial. Martin Bell, director. 


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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