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DEER - Animatronic Puppet.



2- posable deer, one buck and one doe, both 48" long (nose to rear).



Soft foam, synthetic fur, fibreglass horns, aluminum armatures, and animatronics.


Head up down & side to side, mouth, eyes, and ears.



We are proud of the technology that we use to create all of our animals, and our deer are no exception. No deer parts are used in the creation of our Deer. We carefully sculpt all of the forms, following pictures, movies, and real deer in the zoo; wuse the best, four way stretch fur for the pelts, with electrostatically flock fine hair on the snouts, resulting in an extremely realistic look; we make sure to include the inner palate of the throat, so when they open their mouths, you can see the tongue and all the detail; and we mechanize them with powerful animatronics to give them very convincingly real movements.

DEER - Credits

YELP commercial.  Dave Laden, director.

THE MAN SHOW tv show.

ACTIVISION commercial.  Greg Popp, director.

COMCAST 'Save Big Bucks' commercial.

VITAMIN WATER commercial.  Randy Krallman, director.
JEEP commercial.  Rocky Morton, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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