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DEER HALF - Animatronic Puppet.


One- 28 inch tall puppet.


Foam latex, fur, & mechanisms.


Head turn & up/down, mouth, eyes, brows, ears, and legs.



There are a lot of ways that we can describe our HALF DEER. It consists of: a substructure smaller for a frame that is words and words 'muscle' suit, words outer fur suit, an animatronic head supported above the actor's head on a backpack, two mechanical extension arms and two feet. More words to describe. 

For this commercial spot we used two versions of our deers. Since the antlers do not fit in the car the main scenes were shot with the half deer.


Closing shot we slipped in our full antlered deer - no one noticed.


Yelp Half Deer & Full Deer Commercial Spot

HALF DEER - Credits

YELP - Commerical Director - 

PRIUS Commercial Spot - Director - 


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