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ALLIGATORS - Mechanical Puppets.

Three- 11 foot long swimming puppets and one 4 foot long animatronic, front half puppet.


Silicone skin, glass eyes, fibreglass, 

aluminum armature, and mechanisms.


Head turn, eyes & lids, brow, mouth, nostrils, ears, body, & tail.




We have three full, eleven foot long, 'swimming' Alligators, with one rigged to open its mouth on command. All are rigged to snort bubbles or water. We also have a four and a half foot long mechanical Alligator that can quickly open and close its mouth: turn and tilt its head; its eyes look from side to side, blink and are rigged to also bug outward; there is also brow up and down movement and jaw 'smile.' It is also rigged to have all its upper teeth drop out on cue.

In her music video, ‘Roar’ one of our Alligator puppets menace Katy Perry, then she rides it and brushes its teeth. 

For the FX Network’s 

‘American Horror Story Coven’, our Alligator Puppet is strung up as dead, but it suddenly comes to life to attack a villain, and then to chomp down on another bad guy’s head and drag him into the lake.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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