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2000 was a good year for us - we are proud to have collaborated with ILM and director Steve Beck, creating some of our best yet Alien characters, Mort, Ernie and Shorty, for a new Alamo commercial, part of a big Universal Men in Black Attraction tie - in campaign. We've collaborated with ILM before, in creating the Brad Pitt Stunt Body doubles for a show-stopping traffic accident effect in Meet Joe Black; and the springy, detatchable Alien Gag Hands and Chest Burst Effect for Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks.

Other year 2000 jobs include: a huge underwater, animatronic Grouper Fish for Intel, that amorous Orangutan Bride for MastercardShattering Chihuahuas for Taco Bell (not aired, due to cancellation of the campaign, though we think it would have been a great way for the dog to go out), an animatronic Alien for the Florida Lottery, stop -motion Pasta Character Puppets for Pasta Roni, a rocket-powered, animatronic Tortoise for Flashcom, a huge Castle for McDonald's, and Political Action Figure Dolls of the four front runner Presidential candidates for

We covered the spectrum of sizes, from pint - size animatronic Prairie Dog for NetFlix to giant size

Rhinocerous suit for Maniac McGee; and worked again with satisfied repeat customers - Alligators for LG InsuranceAffrin Noses and Lee Jeans' Buddy Lee.

While the Screen Actor's Guild Commercial Contract Strike put most U.S. commercial production on hold, we have been most fortunate to keep busy through the slowdown working on movies, foreign commercials and music videos - Androids for A.I; Plastic Surgery Makeup Effects for TLC; Wizard of Oz style ScarecrowLion, and Tin Man suits for De La Soul, a huge Egg Costume for Travis (complete with gallons of eggyolk methylcel to stage its Humpty Dumpty ending), an Exploding Head Effect for Monster Magnet, a Stomach Effect (big enough to get inside) for Perfect Circle plus a Grim Reaper and numerous makeup effects for DMX.

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Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

Anatomorphex Celebrating over 40 years
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