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Throughout 2002, our animal puppets continue to be very popular. We created an amorous, animatronic Big Lizard puppet for Fruit By The Foot; a life-size Dolphin for Hite Beer (Korea); and a hang-gliding Shaggy Dog costume for Cafri Beer (Korea); a protesting Gary Larsonesque Cow puppet for Chick-Fil-A; and an aggressive Tropical Fish clamped over an actor's arm up to the elbow for Malibu Rum. Our animatronic Grizzly Bear costume traveled to Taiwan to terrify a fallen zoo visitor, then show off some of his best dance moves in a Benq Cellphone commercial.

Our White Rhinoceros had a busy, hardworking year - we suspended it on cables up over the back of a football player for Gatorade Power Bars, repeatedly pushed it over for Push Soda in Mexico; and trained it to tap dance in bright red patent leather mary janes for ING Financial.

We provided our Deer for the movie Terminator 3; and also for the television shows, 'Watching Ellie' and 'The Man Show.' We upgraded our Crash Test Dummy Suits with animatronic facial expressions and rigged one to be thrown through a plate glass window for a Ford Explorer spot.


Other new Costumes we made include- a huge Tongue Costume for Roundtable Pizza and three denominations of Dollar Bill Costumes for First Tennessee Bank

In our Makeup Effects work, we created look-alike makeups of presidents Lincoln, Washington and Jackson for Mastercard; and other projects involving a Pregnant Belly appliance and fake Orthodontic Braces. Our Mechanics Department provided Robots for Terminator 3, built a Flavor-bot Robot for Roundtable Pizza, a Spaceship for Clear Eyes and an eerie Hypodermic Needle Arm Mechanism for a Mudvayne video.

We have added to our growing collection of Aliens and Monsters, creating - 'Tribador,' the huge, voracious, imaginary friend of a little girl for a Kellogg's Cinnamon Crunch Crispex commercial; a Troll for Dodge; a Sasquatch for ING Financial, an Abominable Snowman for Altoids; and a Gatorman monster for a No Smoking PSA for the state of Mississippi.

2002 saw Anatomorphex expanding our international reach, traveling overseas to Taiwan, Thailand and Australia; as well as doing more work for our southern neighbor, Mexico.


Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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