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BADGERS - Animatronic Puppets.


Two- 16 inch long puppets & 3 pups.


Foam Latex, fur, fiberglass glass eyes, teeth, & mechanisms 


Eyes, mouth, brows, arms, & breathe mech.






BADGER & Deer Commercial Spot

Our animatronic Badgers were originally created for a TOYOTA COROLLA commercial. Since then, our Badger puppets have proven to be very versatile, dancing, operating a laptop computer, and even playing tennis doubles. We added a breathe mechanism to the reclining Mama Badger puppet, to give her that extra lifelike touch.


We created two Badgers- a reclining mother complete with nursing baby Bagers, and an upright Badger. For animals with complex fur patterns like Badgers, we used the fur from real Badger pelts. We shaved the fur away from their leathery backing and transferred them to the supple foam latex skins of these puppets.  

BADGERS - Credits

MINNESOTA LOTTERY commercial. Jay Silverman, director.

VITAMIN WATER commercial. Randy Krallman, director.


TOYOTA COROLLA commercial. Jesse Peretz, director.


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