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BIG LIZARD - Animatronic Puppet.

One- 46 inch long animatronic puppet.


Foam latex, fibreglass, silicone mouth, acrylic eyes, and mechanisms.

Two stage neck turn, up/down and tilt; two stage tail side to side; mouth open/close; eyes up/down & side to side; blink; brows
up/down; heartbeat/breathe; body, arms & legs rod puppeteered.


Available with Advance Notice.

We created our Big Lizard in an oversize scale for the easier filming and greater detail it allowed. Our Lizard sees a boy eating FRUIT BY THE FOOT and mistakes it for an amorous signal, falling in love with him. We also created a Lizard Glove for a closeup shot.

Big LizardGlove (Human Sized) Click Here for More Images

BIG LIZARD - Credits

FRUIT BY THE FOOT 'Lizard Love' commercial. Dave Merhar, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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