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One- 8 foot tall statue rigged to burn with propane gas jets.


Fire-retardant resin




Original Not Available.

For this burning effect, a larger than lifesize statue was sculpted in water clay and a mold was made of silicone rubber and plaster. A hero statue was cast in fibreglass and a second, pyro effects statue was cast in fire-retardant resin. This effects statue was fitted inside with propane gas lines and a remote ignition rig. The scene was shot at night involving an anti-war protest that had polarized around this statue of a civil war soldier. When a student, played by Noah Whiley, tosses a match on the supposedly gas-soaked statue, the gas lines were opened and ignited, enveloping the entire statue in flames. 


It is very strange to see something you've made being burned, shattered, etc. It reminds you that it is not an object that you've created for filming, but a process.


'THERE GOES MY BABY' (Orion) 1993. Floyd Mutrux, director.


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