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CAANAN SERIES- Hillside Memorial Park Reliefs



12 feet tall x

30 feet wide.


Bronze, traverine, and blue granite.


I assisted my mother, Mary Ann Devine, in creating the Caanan Memorial at Hillside Memorial Park in 1992. Mary Ann Devine first created many drawings for the four panels as well as small maquettes for the figures. The full size figures were sculpted in clay, then molded and cast in wax. The wax forms were cast in bronze at West Coast Sculptors' Foundry. Slabs of stone were carefully selected, then cut and broken to create the background elements of mountains, water and the temple, also the decorative framing elements. Mary Ann Devine chose to depict four pivotal scenes in the history of the Jewish people- Jacob Wrestling With the Angel, Moses Parting the Reeds, Moses Receiving the Ten Commandments, and Aaron Before the Temple.

CAANAN MEMORIAL- Hillside Memorial

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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