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Lifesize cow prop.


Plastic and paint.


Door opens & functional spigot.




Available with Advance Notice.

Creating this CHOBANI Clear Cow was more of a challenge than meets the eye. The concept for this commercial is that a rival company's scientists are trying to compete with CHOBANI by making artificial yogurt by incubating it within these artificial clear cow forms. The competitors fail of course, because CHOBANI is not made with artificial ingredients but with 100% natural ingredients. Creating the clear cow for this involved creating strong cow body forms cut in pieces, pulling clear vacuum forms over each of them, then carefully trimming and and assembling all of the pieces. In order to keep the seams invisible, we carefully used special clear glue reinforced with micro bolts. A hinged door was created on the top of the cow body, so the scientists could pour their concoctions into these clear cow vessels. A spigot was built into the udder, so this artificial milk could be shown being poured out. The whole cow was them masked off and painted with the black patterning. The final clear cow effect was beautiful to see. We used very fine styrofoam pellets to simulate milk, so it would pour in cleanly, without leaking and splashing all over inside. As the white 'milk' was poured into the cow form, you could see the invisible cow slowly take form and appear. They also showed the 'milk' pouring out, giving the effect of going from a clearly defined cow form to the effect of floating black spots again.


CLEAR COW - Credits

CHOBANI commercial. Henry-Alex Rubin, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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