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ELEPHANT LEGS - Mechanical Puppets.


Two- 48" long mechanical legs.


Foam latex & aluminum mechanisms. 


Elbow & ankle.





Our puppet Elephant Legs were made for an impressive ACCENTURE commercial that shows us a very believable surfing elephant. They did a really beautiful job creating this effect, splashing water from a dump tank onto a real elephant and compositing it into ocean footage of breaking waves.


Our Elephant Legs were used to show the elephant paddling to catch the wave. They were shot in a pool from underwater so you could see them alternately splashing in and out of the water on either side of a surfboard, creating beautiful swirling patterns of bubbles. This spot is further proof that the very best work is being created with both Computer and Practical Special Effects.


‘WESTERN & SOUTHERN’ Christian Bevilacqua, director.

ACCENTURE commercial. Thierry Poiraud, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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