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Exploding Vampire Special Effects by Anatomorphex Los Angeles North Hollywood


Three life-size eggshell thin, pre-scored body doubles molded astride a motorcycle.


Resin gel and urethane.



Available with Advance Notice.

This job called for a vampire to turn to ash and shatter into pieces when hit by a shaft of sunlight. Pre-scored body castings were covered and filled with ash, mounted on a motocycle aboard a shot-maker and shattered using an air cannon filled with pea gravel. Film was shot at high speed to capture these split-second performances. Safety goggles were required on anyone even remotely near the shatter effect. Another, beautiful approach was developed using extremely fragile 'ash-castings'that could be slowly peeled and/or ripped apart with compressed air, but a shortened shooting schedule led to their not being filmed.


NIKE commercial. Rocky Morton, director.


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