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One- life sized body double, built to stand firm against hundreds of hardball impacts.



Fibreglass, urethane, acrylic eyes and hair.




Available with Advance Notice.

This stunt dummy stood in for Mark McGwire in a commercial that called for 40 professional pitchers to let loose at him all at once with their fastest fastball pitches. Our figure held up very well throughout all the intense punishment. Unfortunately for posterity, the body double was destroyed and rebuilt into another figure.

Creating highly realistic and accurate likeness of known celebrities is one of the toughest challenges, and it can require using every bit of reference material you can get your hands on- lifecastings, photos, movie footage and measurements. This is one of a few jobs where we were unable to make any lifecastings for reference, so we had to work from photos and measurements. This job took place in 1996, before Mark McGwire's record setting season. The list of body measurements we received said that he had 21" biceps and 18" forearms. If you try wrapping a tape measure around your own arm, you will understand that we seriously doubted those measurements and needed to double-check the figures. We were simply reassured, "Yes-the measurements are correct." So... we proceeded accordingly, never really fully convinced, but what elese could we do? Sure enough, when the shoot day rolled around and we were able to compare the accuracy of our likeness next to Mark in person, on set, we were clearly able to see that we had matched Mark McGwire and his heroic arms to a 'T'.


MARK McGWIRE - Credits

NO FEAR commercial. Jeff Zwart, director.


MARK McGWIRE - Stunt Dummy.

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