40 inches tall x

40 inches wide.


Machined and painted acid etched bronze & brass.


This plaque was created to commemorate Michael Jackson's creation of the Burn Center at Brotman Medical Center in Culver City when he burned his hair while filming a Pepsi commercial in 1984. This was another one of our impossible rush job miracles. We created the whole plaque and had it up on the wall at the hospital in three days. We were approached with this project by the sculptor Brett Livingstone-Strong and we came up with the solution to the right technical approaches to enable us to create the plaque so quickly. We also created the hand drawn pointillist portrait of Michael Jackson in the center of the plaque. The right techniques allowed our rapid schedule- we created black and white artwork on the first day, on the second day a full-size negative was created that was used to acid etch the black and white drawing into the bronze, and on the third day, the outlines of the plaque were cut out, stands were mounted on the back, the bronze was patinaed, Michael Jackson's signature was painted red, and it was installed.


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