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RAM - Mechanical Puppet.

One- 40 inch long, life-size mechanical puppet head mounted on a plaque.


Foam latex, fur, fibreglass, glass eyes, and mechanisms.


Head, eyes & lids, mouth and lips, nose, and ears.



Available with Advance Notice.

Our mechaical Ram puppet was created as an animated trophy mount with plenty of attitude. He is designed to hang on a wall, and he is a strictly mechanical puppet with as many as four puppeteers crowded around behind him to make him move his neck and head, mouth, lips, nose, eyes, eyelids, and ears. To make the puppeteering easier, the horns are very lightweight rigid foam. The head uses custom made four way stretch fur, for the best look and movement. 

RAM - Credits

LENZERHEIDE 'Ski Resort' commercial. Peter Lehner, director.

Service from behind the scenes since 1980.

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